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The Review IS COMING!

My review of Justice League

So, if you read my review of BvS: Dawn of Justice, and you follow me on FB and Twitter, you're likely surprised I even saw this movie. Me too. But, it just so happens an opportunity fell into my lap and so I decided to check it out.

No, this isn't at all the JL I'd hoped for, but it's what we got.

First, as I did with BvS I'll jump right in and say IT ISN'T TERRIBLE!!!!!!! (unlike BvS)
Ok, Now, let's rate it:
Overall, it's between a 6ish and 7, depending on what you think are the pros and cons, which we'll get to. (Again, I rated BvS a 3.5 to 5, so much improvement)

The plot is kinda straight forward and so I won't really much comment, though, the gathering of the team was weak. To be fair, really, the first half of the movie was bad to not very good—it was really  simple, worse than childlike in it's reasoning: "Hey guys, lets make a team to save the world" and so, we'll cover each teammate in turn because that took up a…


No review. *Instead of wasting your time reading my review, go see it.  It's awesome.  AWESOME!

Reivew: The Dark Tower

I've read the whole series and I've read all the comics...
I enjoyed the movie. Lots of good things to talk about it. Few bumps. One or two bad moments. Overall, good movie. I hope they make more.
So, let's get into it—and since I enjoyed the movie, it won't be that long of a review: more to talk about when it sucks :) 

So, this is the world you know....

Now, the WHEEL has turned and Roland has been returned to the beginning....and yet, it's not the beginning as you know it, nor is THIS "The Gunslinger" the same as the one you've read, the world has moved on and many things have changed and yet some things are still the same.....
So, that's crucial point in understanding and accepting this movie as BOTH (book) 8 and yet the start of a WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE. 

But for those who can, let us continue. 

So, this time around the story focuses on Jake Chambers. He is the centra…

Are you reading this?

It's crazy!
Make sure you get all the tie-ins. *So good :)

GUESS WHO'S BACK?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let's be honest

This looks OK *at best* because of HUGE suckage based on previous films 

!!!!!!!LOOK STUPID AWESOME!!!!!!! *And I'm a DC guy, so no one wanted the DCU movies to challenge Marvel all the way, but sadly, overall, they've not even come close :(